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Solar parks

Invest in the most perpective source of energy.

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Partner in solar farms projects

We specialize in the preparation and construction of large-area photovoltaic farms, for which we provide professional service for the whole investment at every stage.


We offer comprehensive cooperation in the field of solar farms.

The complexity of our projects means taking care of every element of the project related to the creation and operation of photovoltaic farms. The cooperation may concern:

projekt farmy fotowoltaicznej zielona energia

Designing photovoltaic farms

budowa i obsługa farm fotowoltaicznych

Construction and operation of photovoltaic farms

finansowanie fotowoltaika OZE


doradztwo farmy fotowoltaiczne


energy one oferta zielona energia obsługa farmy fotowoltaicznej
We deal with comprehensive preparation of solar farm projects in the “ready-to-build” formula
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energy one oferta projekt farmy fotowoltaicznej
You can also put the entire process in our hands. From design, through construction, to the operation of a solar farm.
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energy one oferta projekty farm fotowoltaicznych
If you have such a need, you can leave the entire process in our hands. From design, through construction, to the operation of a solar farm.
energy one oferta panele słoneczne solarne OZE
For entities from the sector, we also offer the possibility of consulting in the field of photovoltaic projects.


Get yourself an additional income and lease us a plot of land.

finansowanie farmy fotowoltaicznej

We are happy to lease your land. By working with us, you contribute to the reduction of CO2, while supporting your budget.



Join us and ensure your development in a stable and prospective industry. We guarantee:

praca fotowoltaika oferty


Opportunity to develop and learn the secrets of the renewable energy industry


Work in a young, open and dynamic team far from the corporate principles of work


Participation in the largest photovoltaic projects in Poland


Attractive salary


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